Strasse Forged Nissan GTR

I've been looking forward to doing this shoot for a while now. The owner had installed the Strasse S5s a few months ago, but we never got to shoot the car because he soon dropped the car off at Dynamic Turbo for a new twin turbo set-up with upgrades to just about every part of the car. Lets just say it's going to be in the ballpark of 800+ whp, and after riding in the car WITHOUT a tune, I can honestly say it's the fastest car I've ever rode in. It just glued me to the seat and didn't stop pulling, scary fast. Be sure to keep a lookout for this car at the local races pretty soon. Between the performance upgrades, Titanium exhaust (and lug nuts!), and the Carbon Strasse S5s with the lips color matched to the trim on the car, this GTR stands out from the rest! Check out the full set of pictures from our photoshoot @ Tamiami Airport here:

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